Sis: 10 Lb. Box Of Rough Wyoming Petrified Wood Limbs - Cleaned Whole Limbs!

$ 75

We rarely offer premium petrified wood rough, but I have an abundance of these choice medium sized limbs! Polished or left natural, these full petrified limbs are an amazing natural treasure! Most of these limbs are in the neighborhood of a pound so your lot will include quite a few individual limb sections to get to 10 lbs. Im offering 10 pound lots of whole, full round limb sections in a size that is easy for most rockhounds to deal with. These are mostly hot dog to baseball bat sized limb sections and the vast majority are flawless, perfect sections. I bought several buckets of these in an estate sale many years ago and have been cutting them when I get the chance. I get some wonderful stones (see some examples in my other listings) very regularly out of this rough material, but its simply more than Ill ever cut myself so Im offering it in the rough, unsorted and ungraded - just as I pick up my pieces off the top of the bucket and start working them. There are just more than Ill ever finish so Im taking advantage of the fixed rate shipping boxes from the post office to share a few with fellow rockhounds. I cant say with certainty where these were dug other than it was in Wyoming, and in all likelihood they come from several different dig sites. Many have visible bark while others are coated in either algae or botryoidal bluegray agate. Some have more hard algaematrix than others. A few are weathered or wind polished on the outside and look just like a stick bleaching out in the sun! 90% or more of them are full rounds (maybe all of them - its rare to cut one thats not). All are very well agatized and will polish very nicely. Colors once polished tend to be brown, coffee, tan, black and accented with clear to blue agate and sometimes with gold calcite. If youve ever dug any of the many sites in Wyoming that can produce full limb sections like this then you know you can easily spend an entire day and not find 10 lbs. of full round limbs. Limbs vary in weight from about 13 lb. up to maybe 2 lbs. With a box full of at least a half dozen stones you should be able to count on cutting some beauties. Each has the potential to cut a nice stone and theyre pretty easy to read but the ends tend to have a weathered patina that obscures many details and youll have to break out your saw, grinding wheels or tumbler to find out whats inside! These are mine run stones that have not been high graded or sorted other than to grab them from the top of the bucket. I dumped over the first bucket to show what the typical lot looks like (your lot will be identical in quality but not the lot shown in the photo). Youll get at least 10 lbs. of rough limbs and there should be enough there to be certain youll cut a few real keepers and if youre lucky, several will be! The stones that are shown in the photo are not the ones you get unless youre one of the first buyers, but yours will be every bit as good as these shown. Another quality lapidary product offered exclusively from Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary quality stone collectible! I accept payments from anyone with a credit card at PayPal - always FREE!

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